Current HoudiniOpoly news! This is a limited edition game. Don't wait! It is all currently being put together with the printer..

Below, the first yellow button is THE paypal link to add additional shipping costs, program or T-Shirt addons, post cards, or buy additional HoudiniOpoly Games, etc, as per notification to you from the Houdini Museum. KickStarter backers who are rounding out their orders use the donate button below.
There is a box when you pay via that button that comes up and says "note to seller" where you can add what it is for, or T-shirt sizes, etc. If we are not sure we will contact you.

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For USA buyers, you can order with paypal, 1, 2 or 4 HoudiniOpoly games by clicking on this next pull down menu

HoudiniOpoly Game
For USA buyers, you can order with paypal, 1, 2 or 4 HoudiniOpoly games with the extra pawns for each set by clicking on this next pull down menu

HoudiniOpoly Game+extra special Pawns for each game

SET OF 14 PAWNS THAT MAKES THE GAME SO MUCH MORE FUN AND EXCITING! $20. US SHIPPING INCLUDED. The game comes with 6 ordinary standard small chess-like pawns as well. But we have 14 extra "Houdini" related pawns tp make the game a lot more fun. A fan, Kenny Biddle, put up this cropped picture of the pawns on his facebook page. (See below for a detailed explanation of the meaning of each of the special pawns shown. )
Houdiniopoly pieces Kenny Biddle

Extra Pawn Sets

Due to the nature of Opoly games, over time, fewer and fewer games will remain unopened, complete and intact. Once those are gone, the collectors market takes over!

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Latest Deed cards to see. Latest from the printers.

Credit due to the following for their tireless research on Houdini and help, without which this would not have been possible, often with direct contact or via the Internet,
Dean Carnegie, Milbourne Christopher, John Cox-Wild About Houdini, Pat Culliton, Joe Fox, Walter B. Gibson, David Haversat, Leonard Hevia, John Hinson, Tom Interval, Joe Notaro, Arthur Moses, John Oliver, Fred Pittella, Bill Rauscher, Steve Santini, Mark Willoughby, and others.

Along with important books by RuthBrandon, Milbourne Christopher, Pat Culliton, Walter B. Gibson, Will Goldston, William Lindsay Gresham, Dough Henning, Beatrice Houdini, Harry Houdini, Bill Kalush, Bruce MacNab, Charles Reyonlds, Ken Silverman and others.

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