Current Houdini-Opoly news! This has come to a successful completion. ISBN-10: 1-948152-00-2, ISBN-13: 978-1-948152-00-6

This is a limited edition game. Don't wait to order, if you have not gotten one of these great limited edition collectibles!

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HoudiniOpoly Game
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For USA buyers, you can order with paypal, 1, 2 or 4 HoudiniOpoly games with the extra pawns for each set by clicking on this next pull down menu

HoudiniOpoly Game+extra special Pawns for each game

SET OF 14 PAWNS THAT MAKES THE GAME SO MUCH MORE FUN AND EXCITING! $20. US SHIPPING INCLUDED. The game comes with 6 ordinary standard small chess-like pawns. But we have 14 extra "Houdini" related pawns to make the game a lot more fun. A fan, Kenny Biddle, put up this picture of the pawns on facebook. (See below for a detailed explanation of the meaning of each of the special pawns shown. )
Houdiniopoly pieces Kenny Biddle

Extra Pawn Sets

We may also be putting them on ebay and possibly Amazon. Due to the nature of Opoly games, over time, fewer and fewer games will remain unopened, complete and intact. Once those are gone, the collectors market takes over!

Ebay has a rare collection of Houdini movies for sale

For out of USA buyers for pricing email us at, magicus(at)comcast(dot)net Or phone call (570) 342 5555. Due to high shipping prices of US Postal service prices can range from $40-$80 just for shipping.
Sorry, but this is out of our control.

Below, the yellow Donate button is THE paypal link for additional donations, shipping costs, Houdini Program or T-Shirt addons, post cards, or buy additional HoudiniOpoly Games, etc, as per notification to you from the Houdini Museum. There is a box when you pay via that button that comes up and says "note to seller" where you can add what it is for, or T-shirt sizes, etc. If we are not sure we will contact you.

You can also call us anytime at 570 342-5555 with a credit card, or for other information.

HoudiniOpoly Pawns..

KickStarter enabled us to add bonus play pieces, in addition to common pawns. A playing card pawn,
an imitation gold coin, an elephant, a top hat, two barrels, a milk can, a trunk, two dogs, a hypnotic eye, mini handcuffs, etc.
There are 14 pawns, including a robot.

King of Cards  King of Cards Poster   PlayingCardPawn
One of Houdini's earliest acts, promotion and poster was as The King of Cards. So we have a pawn in the shape of a playing card for each game.

houdinihandcuff   Mini Handcuffs
A tiny mini handcuff as well

HoudinisTrunkRev  HoudiniTrunkPawn
Houdini used one of his own traveling trunks for an escape. We have a trunk pawn.

From 1908 Houdini would bring the danger of his outdoor underwater escapes indoors via the escape from barrel of water, and then beer, and milk. The beer escape brought an additional element of danger, because of the fumes and lack of oxygen, so he would attempt to discontinue them. He did do it for, what nay have been his final time in Scranton in 1917. Later he made it more challenging and mysterous when he did the escape from a liquid filled locked milk can.
Houdini and HardeenHoudini and Hardeen BarrelPawn.JPG  Tiny Barrel  MilkCanPawn.JPG

Mom Dress  Mom  Mom Dress   PlasticGoldCoin
When performing in Hammerstein's Victoria Theatre in 1912 in New York, Houdini requested his weekly salary in gold coins from boss Willie Hammerstein. Hammerstein gave in to this odd request and gave Houdini $1,000 in gold coins After having his assistants polish them, Houdini went to his home at 278 W. 113th Street and according to Bess, he said, "Mother, Mother, do you remember the promise I made to father years ago; that I would always look after you? Look what I bring you now! Hold out your apron!" And he poured the shiny coins into his mother's lap. His mother clasped her son and tears streamed down the cheeks of both of them. He had kept his promise to his father.

On January 7th, 1918 Houdini performed his "Vanishing Elephant" trick at New York's Hippodrome Theater. The Hippodrome featured the world's largest stage along with a herd of trained elephants for 4 months as part of a larger show called "Cheer Up". Later he did it at the Times Square Theatre in 1922 for promotion one of his movies.
Houdini with Jenny   Elephant Pawn
Houdini was the first magician to make an elepant disappear, so we have an elephant pawn for the HoudiniOpoly Game.

Houdini loved animals and for most of his years he and Bess toured with a little dog. Charlie was a tiny poodle they cherrished. They also from time to time used a rabbit, and an "eagle" or falcon in the show. For many years they had a pet parrot.
Houdini with Charlie houdini+charlie HoudiniBessCharlie.jpg Houdini Charlie Profile
Houdini withBobby houdini+Bobby Houdini Bobby
Here's Houdini with doves, rabbits, his dog Charlie and Bobby.

Houdini and his brother, and also an escape artist,
Hardeen, dressed up in Europe. Houdini is in the dark coat.
Houdini and HardeenHoudini and HardeenHoudini and Hardeen MiniTopHat
2 different mini Top Hat pawns.
One of these great Robots, since Houdini had the first robot in any major motion picture in "The Master Mystery"

One of Houdini great features were his penetrating, almost hypnotic eyes.
hypnoEyes  hypnoEyes Houdini-Opoly was created by Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz of the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA.

HoudiniOpoly has gotten great responses. William Rauscher, who just put out a great book out on Hardeen, wrote; Dear Dorothy and Dick, Something very nice happened today. I received Houdini Opoly!!! It is so very impressive. Amazing you were able to make that happen. The artwork, the game itself, the little items for the game, and all else are first class. This must have been an enormous project. The fact that you made it happen is a credit to both of you! I think it is a historic item. I am really impressed! William V. Rauscher mysticlightpress.com

Houdini-Opoly has received uniform praise since its release, including raves from the Houdini family:

WOW! What a fantastic job you did on the Houdini-Opoly game. It's gorgeous. We love it. The research and effort you put into this project is much appreciated by the entire Houdini family. Everything you included in the game is top notch and high quality. The photos are all clear, detailed and beautiful. Houdini-Opoly players will learn alot of information about Houdini's life just by playing the game. You produced a great tribute to the life of Houdini. I am sure Houdini and Bess would be pleased and proud of your efforts. Much appreciation and thanks!

Jeff & Debbie The Houdini family Grand Nephew of Houdini

Some other HoudiniOpoly reviews. Our mailbox is full of these.

Bruce Kalver Past National President, Society of American Magicians. "Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brooks did an incredible job on this project. After a few years of promoting and fundraising online, Houdini-opoly is finally here. It is beautiful. So glad I purchased two. One to keep and one to frame. A ton of effort went into this. Each card and space on the board has wonderful Houdini history. Bravo to Dick, Dorothy and the Houdini Museum. Contact them before it's too late. Limited run!"

Bill Irwin "Just a note to say thank you! You made our day, opening the box it was exciting so see your dream come true. When my son saw the game he was speechless, he loves Monopoly, he loved 'The Grim Game' and this is just what he needed to get him started on his new act. Congratulations. Bill Irwin"

Hi My "Houdiniopoly" arrived here in the UK on Monday 4th June after a long wait. Thanks for sticking to this project and making it work so well. Best regards Roger

Dr Roger Woods AIMC* Chairman The Modern Mystic League (Blackburn and District Society of Magicians) A Past President of The Northern Magic Circle (UK) Co-author of "Houdini The Myth Maker" & "Harry Houdini Legend & Legacy" www.rogerwoodsmagic.co.uk

Games are limited and are expected to sell out, as many are now buying who held out in fear the project would not succeed. Other orders are coming in once the very high quality of the game is seen or reviewed. Thanks to all for you patience and trust that would would follow through and get this done and in a classy manner. We had hoped to have a new exciting KickStarter project each year around January, but this one has delayed that plan. We have several ideas and are also looking for suggestions. We have some Houdini Playing card ideas, a book idea, and we have the mold for the Houdini Bust replacement from when we restored the one that was destroyed by vandals at Houdini's Grave. Copies could be made of bronze or other materials. If you have an ideas or suggestions please feel free to reach out to us. magicus@comcast.net, 570 342-5555

For a list of many of our major sponsors go to Golden Sponsors

For a list of many of our backers go to The Houdini-Opoly Wall Of Fame

For info about the deeds go to DEEDS
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side one sample deed card side two sample deed card
Above is a a sample of each side of one of the 22 deed cards that will be included in every game.

Below is how the single property will look on the board
board sample deed card

To view the various game parts go to HoudiniOpoly Parts

go to Houdiniopoly proofs

houdiniopoly.com/Deeds/ or

houdiniopoly Deeds Home Page

Go to the above 2 linksfor new scan of deed cards.
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The following is the Kickstarter video that got this game going. Thanks to all our supporters

Fun, educational and a parody all rolled into one. Put together by the world famous not for profit Houdini Museum.
3w Go to our Wall of Fame to see a list, and info about the people who have made this possible.

For more on the origins of the real estate trading game click on Elizabeth "Lizzy" Magie Phillips. The museum is located in Scranton part of the large tourist area known as The Poconos. Houdini had the two longest engagements of his career in this area of NE Pennsylvania. Two full seasons with The Welsh Brothers Circus, 1895 and 1898. This would be just before his metoric rise to fame, having developed about 80% of the material that would make him an international star. The Houdini Museum is well established, and is the only building in the world dedicated to Houdini. It has been in its present location for 29 years. Before that was on the upper East side of Manhattan for 15 years.

As with all items Houdini over time it will become collectible and rise in value. Many we have spoken to have said they will be buying a game or games to play as well as games to save intact as collectibles. You Can't Escape The Fun!

Houdini-Opoly is an exciting hero board game for 2-6 players built around the life of one of the most exciting personalities in history. To make the game more thrilling and up to date all of the prices and values throughout the game have been increased proportionally. The largest bill is now $5,000! As you go around the board you will learn about the life of this great icon of the entertainment field, in a fun way. The real estate properties on the board are the actual key places in Houdini's life in chronological order. Each of the property deed cards has additional fun historic information about that particular time and place in Houdini's life. Each time you play you will get different deeds and land on different spots so both the both the enjoyment, and your knowledge about Houdini will increase. Donors have their names on the deed cards, the play money, and the box. Their names will be part of Houdini history forever!

Houdini Opoly used in college case study on how to run a successful Kickstarter!!!
Aalto University School of Business

We are referred to over 15 times in this 50 page thesis.
The main objective of this thesis by Tuukka Vettenranta was to discover and
identify the key determinants contributing to a gaming crowdfunding campaign's success.
"Houdini - Opoly and Napoleon1806 had the highest average contribution a mong the successful campaigns."
"Out of the 12 successful projects, five met their goals before the halfway point of the campaigns, Houdini - Opoly ...", etc.
Go to School of Business Thesis

Credit due to the following for their tireless research on Houdini and help, without which this would not have been possible, often with direct contact or via the Internet,
Dean Carnegie, Milbourne Christopher, John Cox-Wild About Houdini, Pat Culliton, Joe Fox, Walter B. Gibson, David Haversat, Leonard Hevia, John Hinson, Tom Interval, Joe Notaro, Arthur Moses, John Oliver, Fred Pittella, Bill Rauscher, Steve Santini, Mark Willoughby, and others.

Along with important books by https://www. RuthBrandon, Milbourne Christopher, Pat Culliton, Walter B. Gibson, Will Goldston, William Lindsay Gresham, Dough Henning, Beatrice Houdini, Harry Houdini, Bill Kalush, Bruce MacNab, Charles Reyonlds, Ken Silverman and others.











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